Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Candle of the Moment: Diptyque Baies

My Baies candle on it's last burn.

      Mhhh, Baies. If you've heard of Diptyque, you've heard of their candles, and if you've heard of their candles, you've heard of Baies. Baies is literally an explosion of realistic rose and strong juicy black currant, it definitely smells like a rose garden! So ridiculously good, and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of roses.

Baies vs. L'Ombre dans l'Eau EdT.
     Diptyque has gorgeous fragrances, and some of the fragrances have companion candles. Baies is the companion candle to L'Ombre dans l'Eau. These scents are almost identical, which I was enormously pleased about. On my skin L'Ombre dans l'Eau starts out with the exact same scent I get from the candle, the rose and juicy black currant garden.  Gradually, the black currant (the fruity top note) mellows and takes a backseat to the rose, and it is like wearing a portable rose garden. Baies has the black currant stick throughout, which is very nice!
     A word of warning, L'Ombre dans l'Eau edt is the strongest edt Diptyque has in regards to strength. This smells like a full strength, strong EdP. I literally need one tiny bit on my wrists and it lasts ages and is strong enough to waft the fragrance around me from that one spot. It's not for the faint of heart. Utterly gorgeous and packs a punch!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nordstrom Estée Lauder GWP Lilly Pulitzer for Estée Lauder

This technically isn't a review, it's just that Nordstrom has a really cool (in my opinion) Estée Lauder gift with purchase ($45 threshold). I stocked up on a bottle of Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, and received the GWP as well. 

Picture Explosion!!!!

The lipstick in Tiger's Eye is the only bad thing. It is ULTRA frosty shimmery copper, very early 90's. Otherwise, I'm pretty impressed with this GWP and thought it was worth mentioning, especially the bag (since I tend to just give away GWP bags, this one is actually cute) and the eye shadows, which have have good texture and pigmentation (they're very similar to how Japanese eye shadows tend to be, super fine complex shimmer with a very soft satiny feel).

This GWP is available at and Nordstrom stores, right now, while supples last, according to the website. If you are like me and Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II is part of your skincare rotation, now is definitely a good time to stock up. One of the better GWPs!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sense of Scents: Dark Themed

Fragrances in this post
-Givenchy Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette
-Tokyo Milk Tained Love No. 62 Eau de Parfum
-Haus of Gloi Insalata Nocturna Perfume Oil

Fragrance: Givenchy Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette


Lasting Power: 
Medium 5-6

A synthetic watery peachy rose note.

Pink pepper really comes out, and it becomes cloyingly sweet, but still smells very synthetic.

Full Bottle Worthy?
No, smells too synthetic. This actually smells similar to Burberry Body, which I like much better.

Fragrance: Tokyo Milk Tainted Love No. 62 Eau de Parfum

Lasting Power: 
High 8-11 hours

Very, very powdery vanilla licorice. Almost baby powdery.

Sandalwood really starts to show up and fades into a vanilla sandalwood scent.

Full Bottle Worthy?
No. I was actually expecting something with a deeper scent, due to the name and image of the bottle.

Fragrance: Haus of Gloi Insalata Nocturna Perfume Oil

Lasting Power: 
Medium 5-6
Holy garden salad batman! This is incredibly fresh and authentic. It literally, smells like fresh cut tomatoes, leaves, basil and lemon. But it's not off putting in the least. Smells like an herb garden.

It starts to develop a very syrupy aspect, and the freshness fades. It starts to smell like black tea with tons of syrup and candied lemons.

Full Bottle Worthy?
No. Despite the amazingly realistic opening, the dry down isn't something I want to smell like. It's gets a bit cloying in it's sweetness.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid vs Cream

Dr. Jart Ceramidin is a pretty awesome product. It's ultra moisturizing on the skin. My review on the liquid is here.

I thought I'd write up a short little comparison between the liquid and the cream, because when I was trying to research which was better I had trouble finding any info.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid (on left) Cream (on right)
So... the main thing to note is that these products are EXACTLY what they say they are. You can see in the picture above how drastically different their physical properties are. The liquid is literally like a liquid serum, note the liquid moniker. It's very liquidy and free flowing. The cream is a cream, hence the name as well. It's thick and feels heavier on the skin.

I personally much prefer the liquid version, since I like to layer it on top/underneath other items. The cream is too heavy to ever use under another product. I also feel that the liquid penetrates the skin better; the cream version is by no means a bad product, I just much prefer the delivery method and feel of the liquid version.

Also, I don't really notice any increased effectiveness by using both products together. The liquid works better than the cream for my dry skin. Yet, the liquid by itself is just as effect as the liquid + cream combo. I'm not complaining, one product vs two saves me money!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Small Sephora Haul

So I did a little Sephora haul during the 15% off event, to replenish some staple items.

I'm beyond excited for the Korres Luxury Body Butter Trio. When Korres body butters first came out I was obsessed with them. I gradually drifted off onto other products due to the high price and the fact I could get through the [old] tube within a month. When I saw the trio on the site I just had to have it. I purchased Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders Mini, namely for the Truth Serum. It's a way better deal to purchase this mini kit; by itself the Truth Serum retails for $48 for 1oz. The kit is $22.50 and comes with a 0.5oz bottle of Truth Serum, plus the two other minis. Upon checkout, and browsing the 100 point perks, I really wanted to try out the ALTERNA Caviar CC Cream for hair 10-in-1, so into my cart it went!

Did you purchase anything from the 15% off Sephora sale?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NOTD Ozotic 745

Get ready for the beauty of Ozotic 745! Pale peachy pink pearl with duo-chrome opalescent golden goodness. SO beautiful! I always wear this obsessively during  spring, it's brilliantly perfect for the season.

Ozotic 745 swatches!!!

Angle where the pink is most prominent:

Trying to show off the golden aspect:

Trying to show off the pearly duochrome:

SWOON! So stunning. I'm pretty obsessed with duo-chromes, if you have any recommendations, let me know!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Maybelline Color Elixir Hibiscus Haven Review and Lip Swatch

I was bad. I broke my No Buy. Whoops. Why you ask? To buy a Maybelline Color Elixir. Maybelline is currently 40% off at Ulta so I could not pass this up. These normally retail for $8.99 where I live, and with CA sales tax that brings to just about $10. Ouch. With the 40% off + a manufacturer coupon I had, I only paid $4-ish for it.

I love this packaging. So deceiving! The doe-foot applicator is really nice.

Even though there were massive raves about this product, it took me this long to cave since I have dry, dry lips. Even products others rave about as being moisturizing, I find leave my lips dry. I'm sooooo happy to report Maybelline Color Elixirs are actually hydrating! SCORE!

When I first opened the product, I almost wanted to return it. It has this horrendous fake chemically sweet floral smell. BLEH. Luckily, this fades once it's on the lips, because if it hadn't I would have returned it pronto!

You can see in the above swatch Maybelline Color Elixir Hibiscus Haven is a bright cool toned light, blue-pink.

Here is one layer of Hibiscus Haven:

 Here is two layers of Hibiscus Haven:

Now you can see, even at two layers, it is see-through in places. To be fair I have pretty pigmented lips, but I also have to mention, I looked up swatches beforehand and saw people with much more pigmented lips, have a full opaque color on their lips. I can only guess they layered this on... a lot. As much as I love the feel of thick gloss, more than two layers would just be way too much on my lips. So realistically the above color, patchiness and all, is how the color appears in real life application.

Also, look at what happens when I rub my lips together. The product pools into that gummy line towards the middle of my lips, that some glosses tend to do. Just an FYI if you have the habit of rubbing your lips together like I do.

The feel of this product is so, so, so similar to the old formulation of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss, my old favorite drugstore lip gloss. This made me quite happy! It's a thick, lacquer/gel/plasticky feel, though not overtly sticky. It's sort of a silicone-y, thick, slickness when you rub your lips together, but it doesn't feel heavy on the lip. I personally love that thick, cushiony gloss feel.

I plan to pick up more of these. I love that they actually hydrate my lips and have decent color pigmentation. I just have to be super careful about not rubbing my lips together!